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The Stantons - He Called Her Name 02:44
Blueflint - He Called Her Name 03:31
No Spiritual Surrender - ...Dying He Called Her Name 04:33
No Spiritual Surrender - ...Dying He Called Her Name 04:35
Порох - So, today I m going to tell you about one of the infamous British graffiti off-stream artist, political activist and director. But, first of all, let s try to remember what is the graffiti. Firstly, it called like one of the techniques of mural painting. Later this word used as a generic term to denote all kinds of random graffiti on the walls by the archaeologists. Now this concept has expanded, graffiti means anything unofficial public texts, along with the modern. And more over, it attracted the attention of modern scholars and journalists, so people of our time associate graffiti with paintings of houses, runs on the floors, elevators, toilets and so on. As far about the name of person whose I described before it s simple just Banksy. The CNN thought that her real name is Robin Gunningham but it could be just gossip. Banksy was born in 1974 in the English city of Bristol. In the late 90s he started doing graffiti and for a long time acted as a normal graffiti-artist, but over time his paintings beca 01:14
Simple Plan vkhp.net - Vacation 02:30

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